About Us

Sebastian Levy // State Of The Art Entertainment

State Of The Art Entertainment is a corporate solutions agency providing a comprehensive array of services from BTL actions to travel, corporate and social events with more than 20 years of experience in the Latin American market.

We think and develop each project in the most effective way to show our clients unique contents. We are state-of-the-art without forgetting history and tradition because we know each event, each action is different and that’s what we work for.

Experience works. It lets brands show people not just what they are—but who they are. Because when people can see your brand’s human side, they connect with it more deeply. State Of The Art Entertainment dreams up experiences designed to do just that. We create experiences that work.

Our mission is create and have the latest trends.
Our legacy are unique and unforgivable moments and experiences because a great idea has no confines.
To us, the impossible only takes a little more effort.

Think the unthinkable.
Do the impossible.
That’s what we do.