Mozilla Corporation

MozCamp LATAM (Buenos Aires, Argentina) + Mozilla Developer Network Hack Day

*Target: conferences about Integration and Cooperación between Volunteers & Developers from Mozilla Corporation
*Numer of attenders: 350
*Services: DMC + Full Event Planning Solutions in Site.
Contact with client. Development and planning of the inicial idea
Budget for the Involve services
-In/Out Flights + Ground Transportation
-Lodging and Accommodation
– FF&DD services during the trip
-Services for MozCamp
-Venue Selection (place for 250 attenders, 6 conferences room, audio and visual material, development of graphic support)
– Projetc Renders
– Hole Producction during 3 days events
-Import/Export of material from it source
-Coordination of all activities before and after conferences

Result: Cooperation between 250 Mozilla developers. Launch of signatures new software and platforms.

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