“Why use a travel agency? The expertise, knowledge, technology, and affiliations of a travel agency enable travelers to make better choices from a wider range of options … Saving both time and money while avoiding the frustrations of dealing with an electronic data file rather than a human agent who has a personal stake in the success of your travel experience”

We are the result of the fusion of an event planner company and a group of people over 20 year in tourism area. That’s when we create State, the solution in incoming an outgoing tourism in Argentina and Latam. Our proposal is simple and effective: excellent services made for every need and costumer, exceeding their expectations.


State-of-the-art Entertainment is the finest boutique event consulting firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina offering unique Event Planning and VIP Service solutions to businesses and individuals.
State-of-The-Art Entertainment is an entertainment producer and creator company exclusively directed to tourism. We are solutions when it’s time to develop a successful Entertainment proposal abroad. Our Job is to bridge the physical gap to our clients allowing us to be the solution on-site of Argentina. We program and mount entertainment proposals based on our client’s requirements and each event exploits our own technical resources and our exclusive artistic productions to the top, to reach our goal, transmit experiences and make unforgivable moments in every one of them. We work for and with both incoming and outgoing travel companies that operate in all our country. Our mission is to include and develop distinguishing entertainment proposals for those how are visiting us, reaching by this being the added value of each program.

We turn a tango proposal into something else than a tango dancing couple. We turn it into the expression of a culture, it’s a fellings pass-on, looking only to dazzle. Because “success is in the details” and details are in the proposal, that is the specific quality to differentiate our service. We escape from all conventional Entertainment cannons.
The best way to sustain our philosophy is to work for each tourist, is to put at his disposal the best entertainment tools and programs that will allow them to enjoy and return home bringing something different, something unique; that’s State-of-The-Art entertainment added value.
State-of-The-Art entertainment is the first and unique company dedicated to create, produce and plan proposals and programs exclusively dedicated to tourism entertainment with those who want to know and show Argentina in a different way.
This is what distinguish us and put us as a tourism luxury services company.

Some of our services are

Air tickets

Site Inspections
Celebrity Booking

Event Technology
Private Security
Full Event Managment