Grupo Sancor Seguros

Commercial Lauch campaign “100-Pre” all around argentina

Client: Grupo Sancor Seguros
Target: Leading national ARTs market through local producers around the country Number of attendees: 1500, 10 Cities.
Locations: C.A.B.A, Rosario, Santa Fé, Rafaela, Sunchales, San Francisco, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rio Negro, Neuquén.
Services: desing, planing and production of each event.
Coordination of all audiovisual media campaing
Contact with the client. Development of comprehensive plan
Lodging and Accommodation para Staff y VIPs
-FF&DD during the full vent trip
-Services during all the campaing
-Selection of Venues (10 spaces for 150 attenders, dev elopement of audiovisual material, developement of graphic support)
-Project Renders
– Developement of all events during 24 days
-Coordination of all activities before/after events
Result: Record collection and insured base for the company.

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